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First Time Registration

Here is where you can register your pet and be assigned your searchable registration number. Start trackable pedigree lines, maintain proof of ownership or get prepared for an expected litter. You can add a photo and visit or make changes to your dog's registration for free at any time. Order your registration certificate today!

You will need to upload a photo of your pet along with some other basic information. If you plan to have a new litter of puppies, you will need to have the dam registered in order to have each puppy in the litter registered. If you do not plan to have a litter or if your dog is a male, you can still have your pet's profile page, new registration number and vaccination records handy and accessible from your mobile phone. You can also search for siblings and other relatives of your dog by registration number. 

My K9Line Kennel Club is not responsible for any persons misrepresenting ownership or submitting false information.
My K9Line Kennel Club accepts no responsibility during litigation over ownership of an animal.

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